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John & Liz
We wanted to let you know how successful your product has been for us.
Marley is our new family member, this has been a beneficial training tool for all of us.
We take Marley to our Business every day, people are astonished of the progress over the last few months.
Eric, Lisa

We own a very aggressive pitbull. We searched for months to find a trainer that would help us but every time they heard "aggressive pitbull" we suddenly wouldn't hear from them again. Sit Means Sit was my last option. Liz and John are amazing. They gave us hope and weren't afraid of a challenge. It took some time but after about a month of training we went from having an aggressive, out of control dog to a dog that we could finally control. He's still a little rambunctious but the improvement is huge. Sit Means Sit was well worth it without them we probably would have ended up having to put our dog down. We're so very thankful.
Erica C

It’s a miracle!! Thank you so much! We took a walk around the block this morning and practiced. I still had him on his leash but he heeled and then walked without pulling! I really thought I would never see this in my life time! When we started out a rabbit ran by and I told him to sit and he just watched it go by! Last night we went to Petsmart to get some food & really enjoyed taking him in because he was so well behaved!
Tony D

During a walk today with Carla I walked right by the mailman, Carla usually wants to take his legs off, today she just looked at him.
Making strides and looking forward to seeing you next week.

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