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Dog Aggression Issues in Westchester & Putnam

The North Salem, NY, aggressive dog training provided by Sit Means Sit Dog Training can transform an aggressive dog into a sweet companion for your entire family. We're owned and run locally, and we boast a number of testimonials and certifications. You can be assured that you're dealing with professionals who are highly experienced and dedicated to providing the best care for your animal.

Aggressiveness in dogs can often make the difference between an animal that can find a loving home and one that may need to be euthanized. If you have a dog that has shown aggression towards either humans or other dogs, we can curb that behavior and temperament for the better. We offer private training as well as a free in-home demonstration with your dog. Our areas of expertise also include:

  • Puppy training
  • Dog chewing training
  • Off-leash obedience training

When you're in need of local North Salem, NY, aggressive dog training, Sit Means Sit Dog Training is your ticket to renewed peace. We're open Monday - Friday, and our staff is eager to get back to you promptly when we're busy. Call soon, and we'll get your pet started.